Don't worry about the engineering.

That's our job.

When you watch a duck moving across a pond, what you see is a beautiful, calm, colorful duck. What you don’t see is all the amazing mechanics happening below the waterline.  

When you work with RoofScreen, you can focus on the nice stuff above the waterline (roof). We’ll take care of all the unseen technical mechanics. Real engineering is highly dependent on specific site conditions. That’s why RoofScreen provides you with the full package, tailored to your specific project. Generic rubber stamped “engineering” data sheets just don’t cut it with us. 

We can provide you with engineered solutions for any of our products. And we back it up with full shop drawings and engineer’s stamp for any state. To see an example of our typical shop drawing sets, click the link below. 

Example Shop Drawings


No animals were harmed in the making of this photoshopped image.

Examples of our brilliance.

You're impressed, right?

  • Engineered frames for equipment screen on 22 ft tall cooling tower.

    A few pictures of jobs we've engineered.

    We're not just a manufacturer. We're more like an engineering firm with some cool products. And we enjoy finding solutions to unique challenges. If you can think it up, we can probably engineer it. Sometimes we joke around saying "it's a simple matter of engineering." But in reality it's not simple at all. That's why you should rely on us to help you with it. It's what we're good at and we do it every day. 

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