Sound wall panel system to block sound on a roof screen.

Loud and noisy air conditioners can be a real problem. It’s noise pollution and most neighbors don’t take too kindly to it. That’s why we developed this super sound-absorptive panel system. Whether you are designing a new equipment roof screen, or trying to quiet down a noisy backup generator, this panel assembly will get the job done. 



Sound attenuation panels being installed by RoofScreen Mfg. on commercial equipment screen.

SoundGuard™ Panels

The SoundGuard™ Acoustic Panel System is a 4” thick sound attenuating barrier assembly designed for aesthetics as well as noise control. The outward facing panels of the system can be any desired material allowing uniformity of color, texture and profile with other elements of the building.

  • Any style of face panel can be used.
  • Mineral wool absorptive filler.
  • Stainless steel perforated liner panel. 
  • Tested to NRC 1.10 and STC 32.
  • 20 year warranty. 



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