Ribbed metal panels on an equipment screen which is sloped to look like a building mansard. .

Metal cladding has long been a favorite choice by architects and designers to make building projects look unique and amazing. The beauty and durability metal offers makes it a natural choice for the facing on a roof screen. The vast number of colors, styles, textures and profiles available today provides almost unlimited options. Here’s the cool thing: you can use any panel available on the market with the RoofScreen® framing system. Whether you’re an architect designing a project, or a contractor trying to get it built, you have the option of buying the panels from RoofScreen or sourcing them from anywhere.

The photo to the left illustrates how even the most basic metal panels can provide a dramatic look. This modular building in a New Jersey school utilized our 7.2 Rib Panels, one of our most economical choices. Can you imagine it without the mansard style RoofScreen? The ribbed panels and color contrast transformed it into an architectural showcase.

Flat Panels

Flat face panels provide a smooth clean look with minimal shadow lines. These panels are available in plain or textured finishes and are an excellent choice for an equipment screen when the desired effect is to blend with other flat surfaces in the building's architecture. 

Ribbed Panels

Ribbed panels are inexpensive and very strong, making them excellent choices for applications where they must span over open framing like a roof screen. The rib depth provides rigidity, prevents oil canning, and allows longer spans. The deeper the ribs, the stronger the panel and the farther it can span. 

Architectural aluminum louvers for use on rooftop equipment screens, parking garages or other enclosures.

Aluminum Louvers

Choose from 3 attractive aluminum louver designs. Click here to see our Louvers page.



Acoustic panel system for sound attenuation on rooftops or other soundproofing applications.

Acoustical Panels

Need sound attenuation? No problem. Click here to see our Acoustical Panels Page.

Decorative Metal

Want to get creative? Our custom waterjet designs can be applied to a variety of materials bringing limitless customizability to your project. Supply us with your own designs or let us work with you to create something special. 


Adding a decorative trim to a panel can be an effective way to enhance the aesthetics of your project. RoofScreen offers many shapes and styles of trims to choose from. 

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