Water tight roof support stands for commercial applications.

If you have to mount equipment to a commercial roof, there’s a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way also happens to be the most common way, and that’s to set the unit on either wood or rubber supports and trust it to stay in place under its own weight. That method poses safety and waterproofing risks.  

Then there’s the right way. Platform and supports, especially for large or heavy equipment, should be mounted with roof penetrating attachments. Right now you’re probably saying “are these guys crazy? Why would I want to penetrate my roof?" Well, we’re not crazy. Click the icons below to learn more about why we say this. 


DryStand™ System

DryStand™ is a universal, structural platform system designed for use on commercial rooftops. It attaches to the roof structure with easy to flash round posts, and allows unlimited adjustment for length, width and height. 

  • Screw-together design allows unlimited adjustment.
  • Mechanically attaches to structure to resist wind and seismic loads. 
  • Simple components allow fast and easy installation.
  • Water tight roof attachment system.
  • Support just about anything including ducts, HVAC, satellite dishes, compressors, fans, planter boxes, decks, telecom equipment, Jabba the Hutt, etc. 

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DryStand™ Water Tight Attachments

We at RoofScreen tend to put extra emphasis on waterproofing. Everything we make has rock-solid roofing details that meet or exceed the industry's best practices, and the DryStand attachments are no different. 

  • Steel round posts with welded plates for solid mechanical connection to the structure. 
  • Common round pipe flashings slip over the Post Supports for fast and easy roofing. 
  • Stainless steel draw band clamps the pipe flashing to the Round Posts. 
  • EPDM Storm Collar provides additional weather protection. 
  • Stainless Steel Cap slips over the top of the Post and fastens with sealing screws. 

Get more details about our watertight roof attachments here and find technical downloads and CAD here.

Technical Downloads



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