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If you have ever been on a commercial roof, no doubt you’ve seen wood or steel sleepers supporting rooftop equipment. Those types of supports almost always have sheet metal sleeper covers to keep them water tight. But have you ever noticed how the equipment is attached to the top of the sleeper cap? Nine times out of ten they are screwed or lag bolted right through the top of the metal cap. If you’re lucky, there’s a dab of caulking on the screw head. That’s a direct path for water into the roofing system and building interior which leads to headaches nobody wants. 

Don’t make that big mistake. Instead, use DryCap™ by RoofScreen®

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DryCap™ Sleeper Cap System

DryCap™ is a watertight, structural sleeper cap system designed to cover wood or steel sleepers and curb rails on commercial roofs. Equipment can be mounted and attached to the T-slots on the DryCap™ without penetrating the watertight barrier. 

  • Solves the problem of fasteners causing leaks in traditional sheet metal sleeper caps. 
  • Can be ordered to any length, or cut to fit in the field.
  • Mounts over 4x sleepers with room for roofing materials on each side. 
  • Mount any kind of equipment like pipes, HVAC or roof screens without penetrating the watertight barrier.



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  • rooftop air conditioners attached to sheet metal sleeper caps with caulking to prevent leaks

    What not to do

    There’s nothing wrong with traditional sheet metal sleeper caps. The big problem is that there’s no way to attach equipment to them without creating a leak. All you can do is drill holes for the fasteners and try your best to seal them with caulking. Not only is this a maintenance headache, it’s just asking for leaks and dry rot. 


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