Easy to Install

wrench icon to indicate that DryCap™ by RoofScreen is easy to install.

The DryCap system is designed to fit over standard 4x wood sleepers, but will work just the same on steel curbs. The inside dimension is 5” to allow plenty of room for the roofing materials. Whether the roofing terminates at the top of the curb, or continues up and over the sleeper, the installation of the DryCap is the same.

1.    Install the cleats. 
For standard installations, we recommend using the 4” wide aluminum cleat about every 3ft. Simply screw the cleat into the top of the wood sleeper with lags or wood screws. If the system has unusually high uplift loads, the application should be reviewed by an engineer (we can do this for you!) to determine how many cleats to use and exactly where to position them. 

2.    Install the DryCap™
The DryCap drops right over the cleats with the internal stop tabs seating against the tops of the cleats. To hold the DryCap in place, install the self-tapping screws through the side of the DryCap into the cleats. 

3. Install the end caps with sealant and drive screws using a hammer to gently tap the screws into each hole until the end cap is seated. Wipe off excess sealant.