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Silverback racking is stronger and more robust than any solar racking system available. Because of our unique design using high strength steel tubing and fittings, combined with our engineering savvy, we can accomplish things no one else can. We can span farther between frames so there are fewer roof penetrations, saving materials and labor. One of the most common barriers to roof mounted solar is the roof structure being too weak to withstand the loads from the racking. With our system being able to span farther, we can often arrange the point loads to be over the strongest load bearing beams, making an otherwise dead project viable. 

Another barrier to roof mounted solar racking is when there is too much rooftop equipment in the way. That’s not a big problem for Silverback Solar. We can design our system to be very tall and span right over the top of most equipment, allowing greater density of PV per square foot of roof space.