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We don't use distributors because when you deal directly with the manufacturer, you get the benefit of tapping directly into our technical expertise. But even more than that, you will feel our passion and see how much we care about every single customer and order.

These are the two ways to buy products


The most common choice is what we call a System Order. This is a fully engineered solution including shop drawings and stamped engineering calculations for any state.


The second option is a Parts Order. If you don't need engineering or shop drawings and just want to buy parts to design your own system, we can accommodate you.

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How much does a RoofScreen cost?

We hate to say it depends, but... it depends. If you are willing to call us, and we hope you are, we can provide quick, accurate quotes for fully engineered equipment screen systems. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about the different factors that can influence the price of rooftop screening.

Key factors that affect the cost of an equipment screen.


There are multiple factors that play into this but all you really need to know is - the taller the frame, the more expensive the equipment screen.


Every inch in height of panel adds wind load to the screen wall. The higher the wind load on the equipment screen, the higher the cost. If you're trying to save money you may want to consider leaving a large gap at the bottom of the panel if line of sight allows.


One of the biggest cost factors is quantity of frames. The most cost effective option is to space the frames as far apart as engineering will allow. Frame spacing is greatly affected by wind load, frame height, panel height and locations of HVAC units.


Panel costs vary greatly and can have a big impact on overall project cost. To see a chart showing the cost difference between panels types, please see page 6 of our Design Guide.


Typically panels mounted horizontally are the most cost effective, except in cases where the frames are spaced farther than their spanning capabilities allow, typically about 8' to 10' O.C.


The simpler, the better. To keep costs down, stick to straight runs when possible and limit jogs, corners and access gates. If you have several RTU units to conceal it is usually better to do one single large RoofScreen rather than several small ones.

What is the labor cost?

Through testing and feedback from our customers over the years, we have formulated some guidelines for installation time. There are many factors that affect installation time like worker skill, how fast a crew works, jobsite access, screen parameters, etc. We can't tell you how long it will take, but we can provide these helpful data points you can factor into your estimate.

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