Waterproofing is everything

Rain cloud icon to show how RoofScreen products are watertight.

If it leaks, what’s the point? Why spend effort, time and money building something that could just end up haunting you due to leak problems? No one wants a leak and all the liability that comes with it. 

We’re obsessed with waterproofing. We come from the construction and roofing business so it’s in our DNA. That means you can count on us to provide products that are designed properly to work with all types of building structures and commercial roof systems, without fear of roof leaks. 

Whether you are building a roof top equipment screen, solar racking system or anything else that mounts to a commercial roof, let RoofScreen® help you do it right and avoid the nightmare of chronic leaks.

Learn more about how we do it on our Roof Attachments page. We think you’ll be impressed.