Our Powder Coating Philosophy

Powder coating is a crucial step in our manufacturing process.
Come learn about the powders we select to coat our products with and the reasons behind why we choose them.


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Reducing Noise Pollution with Acoustical Rooftop Paneling

acoustical paneling on rooftop

Loud rooftop units can be a real pain in the ear. Learn more about applications of and technology behind rooftop acoustical paneling.  

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When Good Screens Go Bad

You don't want your roof looking like this! Come find out why full engineering is so important, and how you can avoid total rooftop disaster. 

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Watertight Roofing Methods for Roof Screen Attachments

Roof penetrations for equipment screens that don't leak

Roof penetrations are a thing to be feared in the opinion of many architects, builders and facility managers. But at RoofScreen, we prefer to say that roof penetrations should be respected, not feared. Read more to see how we do it.

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