Woodgrain Finish Now Available on VisionGuard Slatted L20 Louvers

Over the years we have been asked to design rooftop equipment screens with 1X6 wood slats instead of typical steel panels, or aluminum blades. Clearly the problem with wood is its tendency to degrade and discolor very quickly.  It looks good for the first few months, then...

This is what happens when you build a mechanical screen out of woodUnfortunately, we see this a lot! (This is NOT our work).

RoofScreen's L20 Slatted Louvers are now available in a powder-coat finish that looks surprisingly wood-like, yet enjoys the strength and spanning capacity of 6063 T6 aluminum coupled with the durability of a hi-tech finish. 

RoofScreen VisionGuard Slatted Louver L20 Woodgrain FinishThe top is knotty pine, the middle is vertical-grain fir, and the bottom is cherry

The woodgrain finish is available in a wide variety of grain and wood types.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a painted finish, shown below is an example of our Kynar-painted L20 Slatted Louver used to conceal a parking area. This is a good example of a vertically (as opposed to horizontally) oriented louver system.

L20 Slatted Louver Vertical Orientation

Our unique design allows for variable spacing between louvers, and our clip design makes for simple and quick installation.  

Exploded Diagram of L20 Louver systemA Diagram of our L20 Louver system

Our louvers have been used in various outside-the-box applications, such as parking garages, site screens to block unsightly equipment, and a mansard-style roof screen on a school house.  View our louvers photo gallery for photos of these projects.

At RoofScreen, we strive for attentive service and quality designs.  We have designed our products to not only be beautiful, but to withstand the test of time. We offer a 20-year limited material warranty, a sample copy of which is available on our downloads page.   

Let RoofScreen help you complete your project efficiently without having to design and engineer what can be yours at no cost!  Contact us for a conversation about our products, we're happy to discuss the possibilities of your project.

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