RoofScreen Adds Base Support with Fall Protection Anchor to Product Arsenal

Project after project we noticed anchor points being installed between our RoofScreen frames (illustrated in the photo below). This meant additional roof penetrations, structural reinforcement and roofing costs. We knew there had to be a better way. So we developed an integrated safety tie-off as part of our base support system. Our Roof Screens with Square Base Supports can now double as safety tie-offs for fall restraint and fall arrest.

RoofScreen with Safety Tie-Off Anchor

The RoofScreen Base Support with Fall Protection Anchor is a modified and tested version of our standard Square Base Support system and includes integral D-rings and all stainless steel construction to be used as fall protection and fall arrest anchor points. Integrating these Anchor Base Supports, as required by the project’s architect or safety consultant, with a RoofScreen system reduces or eliminates the added expense of installing a separate tie-off system. 

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