Centre Square Commons

Smack dab in the middle of Centre Square Commons, a brand-new 89,000 square foot shopping center, sits Building #5. The two-story, centrally located structure is host to several retail shops, dining offerings and an outdoor eating area. 

The shopping center is designed to promote foot traffic between buildings and incorporates the natural beauty of the surrounding lush landscape wherever possible. To maintain a clean look throughout the property, roof top equipment on building #5 needed screening.

The project was a perfect candidate for the newest addition to the RoofScreen product lineup - the QuickScreen system. It is light-weight, easy to install, highly adjustable and can be outfitted with any type of face panel to achieve the desired aesthetic for the building.

QuickScreen is a light-duty frame kit system mounted on our watertight Round Post Supports. The system comes mostly pre-assembled, and installation is as easy as connecting two assemblies to the included Round Posts Supports. Due to the simplicity of the system's design, it requires up to 50% fewer fasteners to assemble than our traditional SC3 Framing system, greatly reducing installation time. The system's increased adjustability also contributes to quick installation, as perfect alignment of the front Post Supports from frame to frame is not required.

While the QuickScreen system can accommodate all of our paneling offerings, 7.2 Rib Paneling was selected for this specific application. The ribbed 24-gauge steel panel is one of our most economical selections and replicates the look of the metal roofing above the building's entryway perfectly giving a seamless, uniform look to the roofline.





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